CSR and charity

As a progressive organisation, we are committed to charity. We gladly offer our services and help to create a better and cleaner world.

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR):

CSR is high on our list of priorities, and we put it into practice by supporting institutions with our efforts and resources. We are happy to provide support in a practical sense and to think along with your organisation in finding solutions. If you think you can use our help, please contact us! We will then discuss the possibilities and look for the best options together!

Which charities do we support?

We are actively involved with Ghost Diving. They track down stray fishing nets and lines, which they then remove from the waters. With this in mind, we have offered a drone with sonar that can also detect almost invisible lines! This maximises the yield of the deployment and thus makes the waters cleaner.

Signi search dogs have recently been discredited by a fine they received for using ‘volunteer divers’. As a solution, we offered them to work with our drones. We give them training and when they are good enough to use the drones, they can take them with them on the weekends! This makes tracking a lot easier and faster, so they can do a lot more in the weekends.

We like to support multiple charities or charitable events. Also the ones we aren’t yet involved in!
Do you know another charity for us? Or do you work for a charity? You can always contact us about the possibilities.

Do you want to invest by buying a drone or rather hire our services?

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